Federal Union of Wegmat

A sovereign nation located in Chicagoland aimed at doing better than the United States.



Wegmat is a nation based in the Chicagoland area and three other provinces outside of the area. Our main goal is to do better than the United States as a nation. Wegmat is not mainly about activism, we are also about forming a culture and organizing recreational events. Wegmat allows multiple different species to become citizens. Humans, deer, foxes, beavers, dogs, and cats are all eligible for citizenship. Humans can apply for citizenship on this website. And yes. Your dog or cat can become a citizen.  Weg lands reach from Madison Street in River Forest to Lawrence Avenue in Schiller Park. Most of this land consists of forests. Wegmat cleans-up litter, builds recreational projects, and much more in these lands.

Ongoing Projects

Upcoming Events

Micronational Exposition - Aug 27

Other News


Contact wegmatgov@gmail.com to get any other information. 


Speak to a federal representative on our official discord server.


Contact our official Instagram @wegmatgov