The Federal Union of Wegmat is excited to announce the establishment of a permanent encampment at the abandoned Acme Coke Plant on Torrence Avenue on the Southside of Chicago. Located in the tallest building of the plant, the new encampment will offer a unique experience for visitors and residents of the region.

The Acme Coke Plant has a rich history and has been an important part of the Acme Steel Company. The plant's tallest building offers a great view of the surrounding area and serves as a perfect location for our encampment The Federal Union of Wegmat has taken measures to ensure that the building is safe and structurally sound.

The establishment of a permanent encampment spot at the Acme Coke Plant is part of the Federal Union of Wegmat's efforts to revitalize the region and preserve its unique history and heritage. The new encampment will provide a much-needed space for residents to gather and socialize, as well as attract visitors to the area, boosting the local economy.

The Calumet Territory shall be established by Parliament following the first day of construction of the Encampment.