The Thatcher and Isadora Railroad is a vital transportation infrastructure operated by the Wegmat International Railroad Authority. The railroad system is composed of a single track that connects the cities of Chicago, Bushwood, Paradise City, Isadora and La Bamboise, providing crucial transportation services to the residents and businesses in the region.

The Thatcher and Isadora Railroad offers five distinct services that cater to different transportation needs. Some of these services include passenger transport, freight transport, and express mail. The passenger transport service allows individuals to travel between cities quickly and efficiently, while the freight transport service is ideal for businesses that need to transport goods and materials.

For those who require a faster delivery service, the express delivery service is available, ensuring that packages and documents arrive at their destination promptly. Additionally, the special charter service is available for those who require customized transportation solutions.

The Thatcher and Isadora Railroad is a critical component of the Wegmat transportation network, facilitating the movement of people and goods across Wegmat. It provides a safe and reliable mode of transportation, reducing our carbon footprint as it is operated on battery power.

The Thatcher and Isadora Railroad plays a significant role in the transportation infrastructure of the region, offering a range of services to meet the diverse needs of the community. It provides a reliable and sustainable transportation option that is vital to the continued growth and prosperity of the region.

Acorn - The Acorn is our flagship route. The acorn has many services including a meal served at Isadora, sleeping comfortably, freight transport and postal transport. Tickets cost 500for every major city passed. For example, the rate from Bushwood to La Bamboise is 2000 while Bushwood to Isadora is 1500Gø.

Acorn Limited - Express Acorn Service, only stops at major cities. Tickets are 600 per station. For Example, the rate from Bushwood to La Bamboise is 2400 while Bushwood to Isadora is 1800.

Sunflower - Stations between Isadora and La Bamboise. The rate is 75 for every station, the service lacks the services offered on the Aorns and Acorn limited, seating only, freight and postal services are still on this service.

Great Keystone - Bushwood to Isadora, express. Ticket is 1800, all services besides sleeping are offered.

Garden Special - Bushwood to Austin Avenue. Seating, freight and mail only. Rate is 500 per station.

Freight services and postal services are located at the cargo office of most stations. T&I has a compartment dedicated to freight on all of its trains, companies can ship products to every one of our station's cargo office. Visit the cargo office to dropp off freight and receive a rate for the shipment. Every cargo office also has services to quickly ship mail. T&I works with the Wegmat Postal Service to mail across Wegmat.